Holding an event

The Chapel, which seats 75 to 80 guests, was deconsecrated in 1937 and is non-denominational. You may use the minister or official of your choice to perform your marriage. Additional guests may be seated on folding chairs on the front lawn and the ceremony video fed to a TV screen. The addition of folding chairs in the aisle of the Chapel is not permitted.

Electricity is available in the Chapel. Non-potable water is available from an outside spigot. A handicap assessable portable restroom is available.

Parking is available in front and behind the Chapel and along Monroe Mills Road. The Sheriff’s Office requests guests do not park along Quarry Chapel Road. Additional parking arrangements can be made upon advanced request.

Wedding reservations cover two (consecutive) days use of the Chapel, a rehearsal day and the ceremony day. The fee is $450 and is not refundable.

Memorial and funeral reservations cover one day use of the Chapel. The fee is $300 and is not refundable.


The Chapel is located at the corner of Quarry Chapel Road and Monroe Mills Road in Gambier Ohio.

The Quarry Chapel physical address is:

10930 Quarry Chapel Road, Gambier OH 43022

The coordinates are:

40 o23’16″N                        80 o22’14″W

Receptions after the event are not available at the Chapel. You will need another venue. You may not bring or consume alcoholic beverages on the premises.

The Chapel will be cleaned and opened before your event.


  • Decorations such as flowers may be placed in the Chapel. Please do not not use nails or attach posters or signs to the premises.
  • No furniture or fixtures may be moved within the Chapel, with the exception of the altar area.
  • You may ring the bell to celebrate your wedding. Please be gentle when pulling the rope!
  • You may scatter flower petals or other organic products that will disintegrate outside.


  • Please remove all decorations. If not, they will be discarded.
  • Please clean the building and remove all refuse.
  • Do not leave personal belongings after the event.
  • Return all property to designated storage spaces.
  • Close and lock all window shutters.
  • Close and lock all doors.

The use of the Chapel is reserved through:

Friends of the Quarry Chapel

PO Box 849

Gambier, Ohio 43022-0849

[email protected]