Peter Parker family

Peter Parker (1832-1910)

Peter Parker was born January 30, 1832 in Accrington, Lancashire, England to Benjamin Parker (1810-1876) and Susannah Ashworth (1812-1839). Peter arrived in the USA in 1854 at the age of 21. He probably came on the invitation of his friend William Fish who came to the USA in 1848 also from Accrington. He married Mary Estabrook on October 3, 1860.

Peter’s occupation was Stone Cutter.

They lived their entire lives in Gambier, Ohio.

They had seven children:

John E. Parker                              1861-1944

Charles Benjamin Parker              1863-1929

Peter J Parker                               1867-1948

Alice Suzannah Parker Ralston        1867-1944

James W Parker                            1874-1968

Harry Ashworth Parker                1878-1956

Stella May Parker Rowley           1883-1971

Mary was born March 18, 1843 in Exbourne, Okehampton, Devon, England and arrived in the USA in 1858 at the age of 15, two years before her marriage.

There is a report of Peter’s children, particularly Ben, helping build the chapel, but Ben was not born until 1863, the year the chapel was consecrated. Ben reportedly was the first child baptized in the chapel in 1863.

Peter died on February 7, 1910 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gambier, Ohio. Mary died March 19, 1917 and is buried with her husband in Gambier.

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