Ned Brooks

Brooks family

The couple buried near the Chapel are William and Mary Estabrook who came from Devon, England with Peter Parker and others.  Samuel Estabrook, one of their sons, was 2 years old and accompanied his parents.  My understanding is that he was active in Harcourt Parish.  His son, David William Brooks was my grandfather; our surname was changed during his generation.  My father, Irvin, was raised in Gambier and graduated from Gambier High School where one of his teachers was Novice Fawcett who was President of the Ohio State University when I was a student there from 1958-1962.

 My son Richard is also a graduate of Ohio State; he and I both were members of the OSU Marching Band.  We found the graves of many other of our extended family in Oak Grove, and we know others are buried close by.