Judy Johnson

It was wonderful seeing the Quarry church looking so nice.  Thanks to all of you for your dedication for the restoration and maintenance of the church.  I enjoyed the photos and would love to see the wedding pictures .  My daughter was married at The Church of the Holy Spirit and my granddaughter has her heart set on getting married at the Quarry.  She is only 14 so she has a few years yet.  

It was nice meeting you and so good to see everyone.  I’m sure you have been in contact with Jane Parker May.  She just had her 90th birthday and has wonderful memories of the Quarry.  She was in Gambier for her high school reunion while I was there and unfortunately, we didn’t get to see each other.  My visits are always much too brief.  I wanted to say hi to Buffy and go by my grandparent’s farm to see Florence.  Hopefully, next summer I can stay a little longer.