William Estabrook family

William E. Estabrook (1807-1881)


The surname of this family has evolved from Eastabrook to Estabrook to Brooks.

William E. Estabrook was born in 1807 in Okehampton, Devon, England to Thomas Eastabrook (1765-1848 ) and Sarah Westlake (1765-1841).

He married Mary Jordan (1805-1891) in Okehampton, Devon, England.

They arrived in the USA in 1857 or 1958 with six children all born in England. George was 55 years old at the time the chapel was constructed.

They had six children with them in Gambier:

George Eastabrook                 1833-1915

Thomas Estabrook                  1835-????

John T Estabrook                    1839-1882

Mary Estabrook Parker           1843-1917

Philip Eastabrook                    1847-1885

Samuel Estabrook                   1853- 1934

William died on August 23, 1881 and is buried in Gambier, Ohio. Mary died on May 28, 1891 and is buried with her husband.

George Estabrook (1833-1915)

George was 29 when the chapel was constructed.

He married Almira Hubble (1836-1914) in 1864. Almira may have been an orphan; in 1860, she was a resident of the Knox County Infirmary. They lived all their lives in Gambier.

They had six children:

Mary Ellen Estabrook Lybarger         1864-1939

William John Estabrook                     1866-1947

Elizabeth Lizzie Estabrook Dial         1868-1929

Eliza Jane Estabrook Carter                1870-1995

Laura Estabrook Cochran                   1875-1917

Fanny Estabrook Metcalf                    1877-1956

George died on December 14, 1915 in Knox County. Almira died on December 9, 1914

John T Estabrook (1839-1882)

John married Rachel Ann Bennett in Gambier on September 1, 1962.

They had ten children:

Ida F C Estabrook Hewitt Ruth      1860-1936

Noah Estabrook                           1867-????

Nora D Estabrook                        1868-????

Charles R Estabrook                    1868-????

Francis T Estabrook                     1870-????

William Estabrook                       1874-1958

John died in Gambier on March 19, 1882 and Rachel in 1889.

Thomas Estabrook (1841-????)

No information. He may have stayed in England.

Mary Estabrook Married Peter Parker October 3, 1860.

They had one child:

Stella May Parker Rowley             1884-197

Mary died in Gambier March 19, 1917 and is buried in Gambier. Peter died February 7, 1910 in Gambier and is buried with his wife.

Philip Estabrook (1847-1885)

Philip married Rhonda Ellen McMahon (1848-1936) on July 19, 1871 in Knox County Ohio. They lived all their lives in Gambier.

They had four children:

Margret Maggie Estabrook                 1872-1946

William Estabrook                              1874-1958

Thomas Estabrook                              1887-1878

Lucy Estabrook Nixon                        1879-1942

Philip died August 23, 1885 in Gambier. Rhoda married George Henry Lybarger (1840-1908) on January 1, 1894. Rhoda died on February 26, 1936 at age 88.

Samuel Estabrook (1853-1934)

Samuel married Lucinda Adaile Totman (1863-1915) on March 27, 1879 in Gambier.

They had eleven children:

David William Brooks                             1881-1958

Henry Estabrook                                       1882-1883

Benjamin Franklin Brooks                        1883-1950

Bessie May Brooks Stull                            1886-1964

Martin Harrison Brooks                            1888-1955

Elsie Eveline Brooks Stull                          1891-1973

Harvey Lloyd Brooks                                  1893-1941

Della Jane Brooks                                       1895-1973

Clinton Cornelius Brooks                          1898-1975

Walter M Brooks                                         1904-1970

Leonard T Brooks                                        1904-1979

Samuel died November 22, 1934 in Gambier and is buried in Gambier. Lucinda died April 10, 1915 in Gambier and is buried with her husband.

The Brooks family continues to be active with Quarry Chapel.

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