Confirmations at Christ Church at the Quarry

Dates Names
April 22, 1867 Margaret Elsie Winchell

Elizabeth A. Colwill (married Robert Hall)

Mrs Elizabeth Rowley (Mrs Hiram I. Rowley)

Hiram I. Rowley

Olney George Rowley

Ann Mansfield (Mrs Joseph Mansfield) Selina Mansfield

Mary Alice Parker

Mary Bateman

Harry C. Parker

Josephine Popham

May 24, 1868 Clementine Ball
May 26, 1874 Peter Parker

Mary Parker (Mrs Peter Parker)

Daniel Flecknoe

Fanny Parker (Mrs Thomas Stearns)

Martha Bateman

The following were confirmed with others at the Church of the Holy

Spirit but were marked as from Christ Church at the Quarry.

June 1, 1879 Elizabeth Ann Bateman

Goodhand Clarke Bateman

Minnie J. Crawford

Charles Benjamin Parker

John Parker

May 16, 1880 Almira Estabrook (Mrs George Estabrook)

Margaret Ann Rowley (Mrs Noah Schenck Rowley)

May 15, 1881 Mary Ellen Estabrook (married William Orville Lybarger)

Margaret Ellen Johnson

Esther Mansfield

May 28, 1882 Mrs Christiana Chapin
March 19, 1884 John Thomas Colwill

Mrs Florence May Colwilll (Mrs John Thomas Colwill)

Elizabeth Estabrook

May 5,1891 Clara Bennett Colwill (Mrs Charles Grantley Colwill)

William Clinton Colwill

Charles Flecknoe

Rosa May Flecknoe (Mrs Charles Flecknoe)

Laura (Lana?) Estabrooke

Henry Thomas Hall

Alexander Dawson Lybarger

Minnie E. Lybarger (married Charles Benjamin Parker)

James W. Parker

Bessie (Elizabeth) Rowley (married John S. Bateman)

Thomas Stearns

May 9, 1892 Lizzie (Elizabeth) Mansfield (married Charles H. Hardin)

Willie Rattles

Mary Rattles

For several years there were persons confirmed at the Church of the Holy Spirit who were

evidently from Christ Church at the Quarry from their names but were not so designated.

April 16, 1903 George Flecknoe

Herbert Sheasby

Olive Singer (Mrs Gilbert L. Singer)

May 20, 1904 Fannie Elizabeth Flecknoe (Mrs Daniel Flecknoe)

Ethel Singer

Marguerite Singer

July 18, 1905 Margaret Flynn Dial (Mrs Fred Dial)

Ethel Ruth Dial

May 6, 1908 Frederick James Dial

Frederick William Heagren

April 27, 1909 Harry Ashmore (Ashworth) Parker

Emma Veryl Hall Parker (Mrs Harry A. Parker)

May 17, 1912 Alfred Victor Sheasby
June 7, 1914
(at the Quarry at the time of the fiftieth celebration)
Fannie Elizabeth Flecknoe

Enzie McVeigh Jones

Malta Avis Jones

May 5, 1918 John George Bateman

Esther Lucretia Rowley

June 10, 1917 Paul Edward Bateman

Josephine Caroline Flecknoe

Sarah Margaret Jones

June 12, 1927 Carrol Francis Bateman

Mary Alice Parker

Mariam Amy Pharis

William Stephen Rowley