William Flecknoe family

William Flecknoe (1828-1903) and Mary Ellen Maycock Flecknoe (1832-1907)

William Flecknoe was born in February 1828 in Hunningham, Warwickshire, England to Edward Flecknoe and Mary Blythe Flecknoe. On May 20, 1852 at age 24 he married Mary Ellen Maycock in Hunningham. They had eight children seven of which arrived with them in the USA at New York City in 1871 from Liverpool, England.

Jane Flecknoe                                           1852-1862

Edward Flecknoe                                     1853-1917

Elizabeth Catherine Flecknoe Heagren        1856-1927

Daniel Flecknoe                                           1859-1943

George Flecknoe                                          1862-1866

Lucy Hannah Flecknoe Horn                       1865-1947

Ann F Flecknoe Parker                                1867-1913

Charles William Flecknoe                            1869-1936

His occupation was identified as “farmer”.

William died November 1, 1902 at 75 years of age and Mary Ellen died 1907. Both are buried in Gambier, Ohio

Descendants of the Flecknoe family continue to be active with Quarry Chapel.

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