The Friends of the Quarry Chapel wish to recognize and acknowledge the work done by Kenyon College students in 1999. They studied the history of the chapel, interviewed participants and developed a website , now inactive. Some of the information on this website was developed by the Quarry Chapel Archival Research Project in 1999. Students working on that project were: Sarah Booth, Torrey Lewis, Raimonda Porter, Noah Seferian and Jamie Smith. We thank them for their early efforts.

The Quarry Chapel Archival Research Project thanked the following people for their help.

  • James Rowley
  • Jane Lentz
  • Margaret Banning
  • Tom Lepley
  • Margaret Flecknoe Ransom
  • Phyllis Baldeschwiler
  • Jim Ingerham and the College Township Trustees for their help and encouragement.
  • Jamie Peelle
  • Jean Demaree
  • Prof. William Klein
  • Prof. Will Scott
  • Prof. Wendy Singer
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Beverly Clifford for maintenance of church grounds and work on renovation.

The Friends of the Quarry Chapel wish to thank the Trustees of College Township for their support on cooperation regarding the restoration and maintenance of the chapel.