150th Anniversary


In 1862 the stone masons building Kenyon College built Christ Church at the Quarry as a place to worship. By 1930 most of its congregation had moved away, joined other churches, or passed away. What is now known as Quarry Chapel was deconsecrated, abandoned and over time deteriorated.

In 1967, Harcourt Parish, with the approval of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio, transferred ownership of the structure to College Township.

In 1972, the Knox County Historical Society formed the Quarry Chapel Restoration Society to oversee the Chapel’s restoration.

The 1972 Restoration Society initiated the original project and achieved much. The 1972 Committee also initiated and received the historical marker designating Christ Church at the Quarry as a national historic landmark, see 1972 Restoration

Meetings began with interested parties again in 1998 about beginning a second stage of the restoration of the Quarry Chapel. In April of 2000, the College Township Trustees resolved to support the new Quarry Chapel Restoration Society in its ongoing maintenance and restoration of the chapel. After preliminary estimates, appraisals, and bids, work began in the spring of 2001, see 1998 Restoration.

The Restoration Society has now accomplished its mission and, beginning in 2009, the Friends of the Quarry Chapel have assumed the financial responsibility for the further restoration, improvement and maintenance of the Quarry Chapel.

The Quarry Chapel and the land upon which it sits are owned by College Township, which also owns the adjacent township cemetery.

The Friends schedules events at the chapel, raise funds, publicizes the chapel and acts as docents.


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